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Cultivating the Art of Selling With Articles

The relatively new concept of marketing your products through articles is actually not new at all. For years, businesses have cherished the written word as a way to cultivate new clients, but have previously relied on attracting the attention of journalists to highlight their products and services in traditional media outlets. With the advent of the Internet, you now have the ability to use this valuable marketing tool in myriad ways online. Read some ideas here on how to learn the art of successful article writing.

The tone and voice used in the articles you write will determine whether consumers view your writing as a genuine article designed to give them information and insight on what they are considering buying. Be objective and provide the desired information, but use a tone that does not portray a direct selling approach. Articles are different from mere product descriptions or advertisements. They are a way to relate directly to individuals and should designed in a way that prevents the readers from putting their guard up.

Make your articles exciting and make the reader want to experience the product themselves. Generate a buzz with the information you provide, making the reader want to forward the article link to their friends and family. Give them the knowledge they need, but relate it to how if will benefit them personally.

Be careful to provide information that is actually helpful in showing readers how the products or services will enhance their lives. Give details and examples of how the product could be used. Tell stories of others who have benefited in unique ways. Highlight features that are not as well known about what you are selling. Sometimes it is the small things that are not advertised routinely that will spark interest. For example, if you are selling running shoes, rather than talk entirely about the obvious features, tell them about how the shoes can be easily cleaned, or suggest alternating the shoelaces with bright colors. Find a way to make the person reading your article imagine themselves wearing those shoes, and being excited about ordering them.

Do not simply list the features of a certain product, but explain the benefits of choosing your product over a similar one. In addition, find a way to help them understand why they should purchase if from you. Do not be afraid to give personal examples from your own life. You want to remain professional, but also portray an accessibility that helps your customers relate to the fact that you are a consumer and an individual yourself.

Keep the article short, preferable less than 1000 words, in order to keep the interest level up and leave them wanting more. End with a teaser about future articles, and let them know when to expect more. Suggest that they bookmark the page in order to return easily. Ask them to sign up for emails that notify them when more articles are available.

When submitting your articles to other websites, they must be not only relevant, but informational and engaging. Use the ideas here to make sure that your articles are truly articles, rather than hype and direct advertising.