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Classified Advertising

´╗┐Targeting Audiences With Classified Ads

While online advertising can be intimidating, it doesn't have to be. There are an incredible array of online advertising opportunities that are cost-effective, easily accessible, and professional. They don't cost an arm and a leg, yet your business will flourish when you tap into some of them.

Classified advertising is one way to promote your website and expand your business - even if you're on a tight budget. There are many different options including classified directories, Ezines, newsletters, and websites that offer opportunities for classified ads. Some are free and some come with a cost, but they are all opportunities to enhance your online business through increased exposure to your target audience.

Target audience

And speaking of your target audience, that is your number one concern when it comes to determining where you want to advertise online. Just like any other business, it's important to find the target audience - or better yet, help them find you!

Think about it. You wouldn't go into an auto parts store if you were searching for a new pair of shoes! That means that people who enter the auto parts store are searching for - you guessed it - auto parts! When you promote your website on relevant websites where people are already searching for what you have to say and sell, you're more likely to end up with a good prospect who can be converted to a loyal customer.

Tips for targeting

With that in mind, it is critical to remember to target the best possible prospects for your business. This is one of the most important things you can do to not only increase traffic, but it's the best possible way to increase conversions too. People visit websites and read Ezines and newsletters for a reason. They are looking for something particular and they are a 'captive audience' for what you have offer.

Essential steps in focusing on your target audience include:

- Before placing a classified ad on a particular website, newsletter, or Ezine, evaluate the audience and the subject matter. Ensure that the site or publication promotes similar content and is relevant to what you have to sell. Visit several sites and review archived issues of Ezines or newsletters before you decide to move forward with advertising.

- Evaluate the other types of ads included on sites or in publications you are considering. Are they relevant to your products? Relevancy makes it much easier to attract new traffic.

- Who is looking for your products? That can determine where you advertise since different websites attract visitors based on age, gender, lifestyle, and other factors. Try to find out information about the demographics of people who utilize particular classified directories, websites, newsletters, or Ezines. Make decisions based on this information.

- Make sure you use the best possible category and sub-categories. You want to find your target audience so understand how they search for what you have to offer. Evaluate keywords they might use to search classified directories and optimize those words. Determine the best categories that are relevant to your website and products to attract the highest potential buyers.

To make the most of your classified advertising opportunity, do your homework first. Locate formats and resources that enable you to effectively leverage your classified ads and focus on your target audience. This will help to ensure you attract people who are ready to buy what you have to sell.