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Classified Advertising

´╗┐Classified Ad Content Drives Traffic

Online advertising has evolved into a huge business for Internet marketers. There are many formats for display advertising including banner ads, button ads, contextual advertising, and many more. In addition to these display ads, classified ads are also an attractive option. They are not only effective, but they are budget-friendly and typically are based on a 'fixed' cost. You don't pay more for more clicks.

One of the very unique differences between classified advertising and other types of advertising is the fact that classifieds must be brief with limited or no space for graphics or other types of attention-grabbers. Words must say it all!

Classified ads are very different than sales pages, full-page ads, articles in Ezines, and other types of promotional efforts for your website. Of course, the beauty of a classified ad is that when it is well-written and succinct, engaging and compelling, and interesting and informative, it can drive your reader to a much longer 'advertisement' through your valuable website content. Classified ads that include just enough intrigue and unique information to encourage people to click on your URL are extremely successful.

The body of your classified ad must be to the point and clear. Your headline grabs attention and pulls your reader into the body content so be sure you don't lose them at this juncture. Keep your content fresh and unique by using relevant and powerful words to continue engaging your reader.

Consider some of these options to make your content easy to read, concise, and encouraging to your reader:

- Use lists to quickly convey thoughts and ideas without having to use complete sentences

- Use numbered items or bulleted points to make benefits pop out at your reader

- Use bold, italic, or highlights with discretion - drawing attention to the most powerful aspects of your ad and without over-using them so they lose their allure

- Test different fonts and styles to find the one that works best - make sure your font is easy to read. Some fonts such as script can be harder on the eyes.

- Don't use all caps in your content unless there is a really good reason. All caps are harder to read and can be considered "yelling" in the world of online content.

- Use graphics or pictures if allowed - but use them sparingly, make certain they are relevant, and don't allow them to overpower your valuable message conveyed through content.

- Make sure you include hyperlinks and URL (as acceptable by the advertising source) so people can find you quickly and easily.

Classified ads that are engaging and appealing to your target audience will bring in a flow of traffic to your website. Ensure that you are prepared for the influx of traffic that may result from a well-written classified ad that drives immediate traffic to your website.

Continually evaluate your ad content and effectiveness and make appropriate changes as needed to keep it fresh, unique, and engaging. Listen to what your potential customers have to say - and what they don't say! If you're not getting traffic from your classified ad, they're telling you something about your ad.