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Classified Advertising

´╗┐Attention Grabbing Classifieds In Ezines

Classified advertising has become a major method of promoting online businesses and products. As the advertising business has grown, it has evolved into a major financial boon on the Internet.

One of the most effective ways to utilize classified advertising is with Ezines and newsletters. Since Ezines are focused on a particular niche or subject matter, you can easily focus your advertisements towards your target audience. Purchasing space for classified advertisements on an Ezine can be a smart investment for an online marketer.

In addition to the obvious benefits that advertising on an Ezine offers, there are some other advantages that may not be so obvious. Understanding the full benefits of classified advertising on Ezines may help you decide on your next advertising vehicle.

When considering Ezines for classified advertising, think about the following:

- Ezines are focused on particular niche market and you can reach your targeted audience.

- You can strengthen the attraction and credibility of your advertisement by also submitting relevant articles for publication in the Ezine. Being seen as an expert adds credibility to your ads too.

- Ezines are typically produced monthly or quarterly. This enables you to have your ad and website in front of people on a routine and consistent basis. The more often your ad is viewed, the more likely you are to attract traffic.

- Ezines and similar publications/sites are archived for future reference and viewing. This means your ad stays 'alive' for months and years after the Ezine is released. It also means that search engines are crawling these websites and finding your keywords or links, increasing your page rank.

- Many Ezines will offer discounted pricing for advertisers who commit to including their ads for a period of time. Although this is not required, it is a way to reduce your costs while increasing your exposure.

- Ezines and other similar informational documents are frequently passed around the Internet to others in a reader's community of friends. This helps your ad spiral through the Internet over time.

- People talk about what they like in social networks. If your ad is well-received in an Ezine, people may talk about it in their social networks and they may pass the link on to their community. Your exposure can increase exponentially with this type of promotion.

- People like to retain copies of Ezines and other valuable informational documents they receive. When they reference back to their documents, your ad may offer just what they are looking for. You have an added opportunity to attract them to your website.

Don't avoid the use of classified advertising because you're not sure if it works. The benefits and advantages of advertising, particularly in Ezines and newsletters, has far-reaching implications beyond the obvious.

Taking a chance on classified advertising can help your business reach new heights.