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With the advent of Web 2.0, more and more people have started doing things online that no one ever thought of before. With the increase in "Richness" of the web, new possibilities have become visible for regular people to take advantage of. The notion of having an Online Identity of oneself is a norm now-a-days and this includes e-mail ids, social networking profiles, forum memberships and recently, Blogging.

A Blog or Weblog is like an online electronic diary of a person which is open to the world for reading to get to know the person and his ideas better, a great way of self expression. Since the idea of blog is so interesting, it excites people from all fields. This is where the "richness" of web kicks in and the solution to the common problem of not having technical expertise in web programming comes in form of a Specialized Content Management System called Blogging Software. This is a tailor made CMS system which is in essence a Web CMS but is designed to support the idea of blogging more rather than managing a whole website.

Blogging software are available in two forms, Developer Hosted, in which the creator of the software also host the system on his servers and user create their account on this system to create their personal blogs, And the others are called User Hosted as they are hosted by the person who use them on his/her own server/web space.  Blogger, MySpace, Windows Live Spaces and VOX are some popular Developer Hosted Software while Wordpress, LiveJournal, Typo and Serendipity are some examples of user hosted blogging software. Some of these like Wordpress are available in both forms too. Most of the blogging software is free and written in languages like PHP, Perl and ASP.NET.

Blogging software provides the user with What You See Is What You Get tools to edit his entries in his online diary known as Post. These posts are displayed on the main page of the blog in chronological order. The Writer has the option to arrange these posts in categories and sort them by assigning them keywords. These categories are also displayed in a sidebar. Apart from that, user can place premade plug-ins on their blog pages that enhances the capabilities of the blog. Monetizing options are also available by the option of placing ads from online services like Google. And to do a quick makeover of the whole blog without any hassle, the idea of Themes is also supported.

So all in all, blogging software makes it very easy for even layman to have an attractive web presence of themselves.