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´╗┐How To Keep Visitors On Your Site Long Enough To Turn Them Into Customers

Give your site visitors reason enough to hang around your website and you'll make customers out of them. Just because they've found your website doesn't mean they are going to hang around, that is, unless you have given them a reason to do so.

Informational Websites

If your site is an informational site, then you want to make very sure you are presenting your information in a clear and concise manner. It needs to be attractively displayed and information needs to be easy to find. One of the biggest mistakes beginning Internet marketers make is not checking for spelling and grammatical errors. This is a huge turnoff and site visitors will assume that if you couldn't take the trouble to spell and check for obvious mistakes that whatever else you are offering will be flawed also.

If you're presenting factual information, back that information up with hard facts, statistics, and sources. If you do that, your website can become a trusted source for information, which can lead to more traffic, which can lead to more revenue.

Product Focused Websites

If your Internet marketing website is designed to sell products, you still need to provide relevant information but this information can be about the products you are selling as well as the niche the product is a part of. For example, if you are selling shoes, you can include articles about shoes and feet and other applicable subjects. You don't want to list products only; you don't want your website to look like a catalogue. You can also compare brands and prices and include links to shoe stores that you are affiliated with.

Give Customers Something to Do

Give customers something to do at your website so they will have a reason to hang around. You could even create a forum community on your site where visitors can network with other visitors. People like to talk about their likes and dislikes, their work, and their hobbies. Consider including videos for them to watch and consider inviting your visitors to submit their own content.

Which Websites Keep You Coming Back?

Make a list of the websites you frequently visit. What is it about those sites that keep you coming back? When you conduct this kind of research, you'll get a good idea of what kinds of content you'll need to keep your site visitors interested in coming back to your site.