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´╗┐What To Look For While Hiring A Freelance Copywriter?

Before hiring a copywriter, an attempt must be properly understand what a copywriter actually does, what are the challenges and variations in his role and what are his key responsibilities. The answer to all the above questions can be easily found if we try to understand what a typical copywriter does.

All the creativities that you praise in a thirty second advertisement are actually the work of a copywriter, not only a copywriter who also writes the words in a magazine print ad. He creates the text for advertisements, promotional brochures or other such advertising outlets for a company.

The advertising companies often call the written scripts or the storylines for the advertisement as copies, and hence the name copywriter. Previously a copywriter used to mundane and regular jobs like rephrasing weather reports, news headlines etc, but now the work of a modern copywriter has got very challenging and novel.

As judged from the profile of a copywriter, a copywriter must possess a lot of qualities and many a companies are on a constant look out for a freelance copywriter to do the copywriting. They look for a few qualities which are described as follows

A good educational background

A copywriter must possess a good qualification i.e. his academic background should be such that he produces quality work that meets the standards of the employer. A degree in journalism or in similar course is generally required for the same. In addition to this he must be fluent in both verbal and written English.


A copywriter must have an outstanding creative mind and intuitive abilities that can produce novel work at all times. An educational degree and a high profile academic qualification can often prove shallow if the copywriter is not creative.


In a competitive world nothing can be as precious as time and a person who is disciplined and can pre-emptively meet the deadlines can be an asset to the organisation he works in .So a person who honours the deadline and can work under pressure is the right candidate to fill the position of a copywriter.

Attention to details: A copywriter needs to grab the consumers pulse and meet his requirement so not only he should provide novel work at all times but should also satisfy a consumers needs. He should not only grab customer's attention but also explain to him how the product would be used.