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´╗┐Structure Of Your Content

It is not only the information you provide to your readers that matters. It has to be well presented. Readers will rather prefer a well structured website with not-so-good content than a shabby website that is well contented. It is not only what you say but how you say it that's makes you heard. Same applies to writing as well. What is written should be simple and understandable. For making your writing style persuasive, structure is important. You have to proceed in a step by step manner. If even one step is missed, it can make the reader's attention wander elsewhere, and you loose your aim of keeping the reader engaged till the end.

The starting lines should convince the reader that he is at the right place. There should be focus in the content. Covering too many points immediately might leave the reader confused. Slowly guide him to read further and assure him that whatever he is looking for, he will find here. Always support your opinions with facts. If you are telling the reader to do something, also provide some reason for it. Use as many figures and big names that can add credibility to whatever is written. A suggestive tone would be better than an authoritative one.

Well, ask any topper of any school or college and they will agree on one thing. Writing the answers point wise will always get you more marks. The same applies to copywriting. The reason given for this is that the examiners do not want to spend too much time going through your answer sheets. They quickly scan for what they are looking for. If the information exists, you get the marks, otherwise you don't. The same applies to a visitor on you website. He has limited time and in a quick glance at your website he will decide whether to use it or not. Listing shows him that the content is not fluffy and contains concrete information that he is looking for.

Another reason why list posts work lies in the power of the headline. The headline for such posts would be like a number of ways to do the thing easily. Especially for the how-to articles, it gives a sense of comfort to the reader to see a plan neatly laid out for him. The best part of a list post is that it is very specific. Always make your offer at the end and let the reader decide what he wants. The chances of him going for it are more when he feels that he has the choice to say no. You can end by focusing on how the promise that was made in the beginning has been fulfilled.