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´╗┐Driving Traffic With Craigslist Forums

You've posted your classified advertisement on Craigslist and now you're waiting for traffic to come knocking down your door. Keyword rich, valuable, and informative content is a must when it comes to posting on Craigslist. You will likely find potential customers by using this format for posting classifieds.

But Craigslist has more to offer than just the actual classified ad posting services within communities. It also includes discussion forums and groups who are talking about everything from computers and cars, to jewelry and dolls. There are currently almost 100 discussion forums on Craigslist and odds are that there is one that will help you promote your business and products.

How can using the Craigslist discussion forums help drive traffic to your site or enhance your product offerings? Take a look at these ideas and then you'll likely come up with innovative ideas of your own:

People are talking about everything. Find a discussion forum that is relevant to your products and your business. Listen to what people are saying. Most people visit Craigslist because they are seeking to buy or sell. If they're looking to buy, what are they looking for in a particular product or services. What makes it appealing and attractive to them. Not only can you add value by including your expertise on a particular subject, but you can learn how to enhance your own product offerings too.

People are listening. In contrast to #1 above, people are listening too. They are seeking information and they want valuable information on a particular topic. As an expert in your niche, you have a captive audience that is very likely ready to buy given the right opportunity. That's why they're on Craigslist! People who visit the forum to talk and they aren't really interested in being "sold to" or reading ads. They want to find valuable information that makes their lives easier. When they see you as an expert, they're likely to want to visit your website for more information. Visitors become customers over time.

Since people aren't really all that interested in reading your ads and content until they get to know you, hold off on posting ads in the forum until you have given them a chance to get to know you. Building your credibility in a particular niche is important and your patience will pay off. It's like participating in a newsgroup or other online group where newcomers have to prove themselves before they go for the sale. You can include a link to your website once you are comfortable with the ongoing discussion and feel it has value. Unfortunately, some forums will have a lot of unprofessional and inappropriate discussion - but what's new?

People who use the forums aren't very fond of those online users who try to spam them. It only infuriates them and they are quick to make it known. If you are identified as a spammer on the site, you can be banned from posting classified ads or participating in online forums at any point in the future. Be careful not to do anything that remotely appears like spamming.

Craigslist offers a lot of options for promoting your business and exerting your authority. It just takes some innovation, patience, and ingenuity to create a following from the discussion groups. Pay attention to the tips above and you'll soon be an active participant in a forum that can drive traffic to your doorway.