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Microsoft Corporation is one of the most successful computer hardware, software and consumer devices manufacturers in the history of computing. The company has a broad market footprint with 4 key areas of operations: Desktop Computer Hardware and Software, Server and Enterprise Systems, Online Services and Entertainment and Consumer Devices including Music Players and Gaming Consoles. But the company is more known for its computer software business which has products like Windows, the world's most popular OS and Office Systems which is, again, world's most popular suit of office related applications, in its arsenal. For such a humongous organization to reach and maintain the status quo it has, providing excellent support options for its customers is one of the most high priority and major goals.

Microsoft, in the past, has received a bit of criticism from media and customers as having a bit arrogant and bullying aspect in the overall stance towards customers, but this has improved a lot in the past few years. Microsoft has done a great job in increasing the quality of its first level customer support, that is, its online customer support. Customers have a wide array of support options available to them online which they can use and leverage to get quick and easy to use solutions for their problems.

Microsoft provides all the usual support options like live chat, ticket system based customer support etc, but what brings them apart from other are some great options like a huge knowledge base of articles that solve queries from the basic to advance levels based on the issues that have been found in the past. This knowledgebase coupled with the Microsoft Online forums provide a great support platform for users seeking self help.

Forums are great in the sense that they let customers not only get support from the company but from other users and expert peoples from MVP (awarded with Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award) groups for free. Microsoft also organizes online webcasts and podcasts for resolving issues as well as educating users about the features and tips on how to get the most out of their purchased Microsoft products.

Microsoft development teams also manage their own blogs to update customers of upcoming advances in product technology as well as the fixes they bring out from time to time.

Microsoft customers also have the option to put a request for a phone call from support department using their website to get very hands on assistance from support personnel that is very specific to their requirements.