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Apple Inc. is leading computer hardware, software and consumer devices company known around the world for its "Think Different" attitude that shows up in all the innovations it does. Founded by Steve Jobs in 1976, Apple is known for its Macintosh range of computers and laptops called iMacs and the Macintosh Operating systems. One of some very well known consumer device products, iPod, the mp3 player, also comes from Apple and is one of its flagship products. Apple has always been known for its artistic approach towards product design as well as providing excellent quality in its products as well as after sales support around the world. Apple, as with other companies, has great strong online customer support options available for its customers around the globe.

Apple's products do not come cheap; period. They, like some other manufacturers including Dell, do not believe in providing cheap (in terms of quality) and low end hardware and software to their customers. They have their baseline products starting from quiet high quality levels which makes them costly but also increase the customer satisfaction overall. This is the reason for them having the highest percentage of loyal customers and repeat buyers. They don't have many physical stores in the market so online customer support becomes the main source of support for many of its customers, especially for those, who are not living in metropolitan cities.

Support options on the website of apple features some really good, neatly arranged options. Users can download driver and updates for their devices and firmware from the downloads section or can browse through detailed support articles, tutorials, video walkthroughs etc to get solution to their common problems as well as to learn more about the devices they own and love. There is an option called "Ask the Apple Experts" labeled quiet prominently on the website which allows the customers to get support from Apple support staff personnel on live chat as well as using a ticketing system.

One great utility available is the Online Support Assistant, which by the help of browser extensions, can analyze your iMac and Macbook system and provide targeted assistance. This utility works in conjunction to a software tool called TechTool Deluxe which is similar to the Dell Support Centre provided by Dell to its customers.

Customers can also extend their product warranty online and there is even an option to exchange their older hardware to get new ones in a separate sections dedicated to that on the website.

Overall, it's a pleasant experience being an Apple customer, thanks to its great online support service offerings.