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Writing That All-Important Subject Line

Many email marketers who have otherwise mastered the art of writing marketing emails struggle when it comes to the subject line. This aspect of writing a marketing email is both challenging and important; it is the first thing your customers will see and is the deciding factor encouraging them to open the email--or to delete it.

Although you want your subject heading to be original, witty and enticing, the most important quality it possesses is that of accuracy. If your subject header is inaccurate, customers will feel tricked or manipulated when they read the email. In order to keep your customers' interest and protect your reputation, make sure the subject header is directly related to your email content.

Your first draft of your subject header should be a plain, clear description of what the email is about. Don't worry yet about making it sound interesting. This draft is for figuring out what you're writing about; once you have that down, you can edit it to add interest.

Don't make your email subject header too generic, though. You want to be original. In addition, you want your subject header to demonstrate that your email has value for your customers. If you use words such as "sale" or "great deal," your customers will think it is an advertisement and will most likely delete it. Instead, your subject header--and your email itself--should be focused on the value that you provide your customers with. For example, instead of saying "Big Labor Day Sale," your email subject line could say something like, "Getting Everything You Need for Your Labor Day Party."

Once you've written the subject header, read and reread the email to make sure that everything in it relates to that subject. Not only does this ensure that your email will be relevant enough for your customers' satisfaction, but it ensures that you don't put anything extra or unnecessary into your email.

Rewrite your email if necessary so that it has a tighter focus. Your customers will appreciate this and feel that your email is more relevant to their needs if you get right to the point and focus your email on just one point.

You should include a couple of things in the email itself, however, every time you send one.

* A call to action. Don't just give your customers information; encourage them to call you, make an appointment, or come in for a consultation. Your customers should feel inspired after reading your email; in the last sentence, give them something specific to do so that they act on that inspiration.

* Dates and times of any sales or special offers. If you're offering something time sensitive, make sure your customers know exactly when to be at your store or on your website so that they don't miss out.

If you put effort into creating your email--including creating your subject header--your customers will open it, read it and feel inspired to contact you. A successful email marketing campaign depends on creating quality emails; the subject header is an important first step to getting your audience to read your message.