Featured Freelance Article


´╗┐What Is Freelancing?

Freelancing is a term used to describe work performed by independent contractors who work for themselves instead of seeking employment at a company. While online freelancing is not limited to any particular kind of industry, it is especially popular among writers, editors, graphic designers, software developers, website builders, and others that work online.

Be Your Own Boss

Freelancing offers individuals the chance to be their own boss instead of having to work for someone else at a job they may not even enjoy. Most freelancers work at a job that they truly enjoy, doing something that is truly meaningful to them. Instead of having a steady paycheck, though, freelancers must find their own clients who are willing to pay them for their work. Before the Internet, this could take some time; however, Internet freelancers can often find work the same day they look for it.

Work from Home

One of the biggest perks freelancers enjoy is the ability to work from home. This is especially appealing to those who have young children at home to care for; working at home eliminates the need for daycare or babysitters, at least most of the time. Freelancers come from all walks of life, though. Those who are married, single, young, old, male, female, those with children, and those who do not have children all enjoy freelancing in one capacity or another. Some freelancers just want or need to earn a little extra money; others freelance on a full-time basis and make a living this way.

No Degree? No Problem!

Much of the time, freelancers can do the work they love regardless of the amount of prior experience or education. In order to be awarded most freelance assignments, individuals will have to present samples or even a portfolio to the potential clients. If the client likes what he sees and the price is right, the freelancer will have a good chance of getting the job. Do a good job the first time and you will soon have repeat business.

Conversely, in the brick and mortar world, there are often strict experience or educational requirements that can keep you from getting the job of your dreams regardless of how good your work is. Freelancing is one of the few jobs where workers are judged almost entirely on merit. Of course, in order to present an attractive portfolio and worthwhile samples, freelancers will have to know their craft quite well. Still, it is a relief to many freelancers to be judged solely on their own ability and talents.

Say No to Drudgery

Freelancing does offer a lot of perks and one of them is that you really don't have to do any of the jobs you don't want to. Imagine telling that to your present or former boss! Most likely, you would be out the door on your ear if you refused to do any of the tasks that just didn't appeal to you. The beauty of freelancing, though, is that you can take on only the jobs that you truly want to and either don't apply for or politely decline the rest.