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´╗┐Freelancers Wear Many Hats

Regardless of the area in which you freelance, you will likely have to wear several different hats, especially in the early days of your career. While you may be able to outsource some tasks as you build your freelance business, most likely you will be responsible for everything in the beginning. For example, you may be the greatest writer but have no idea how to market your work or how to do your taxes. Thankfully, the Internet is full of information that freelancers will find helpful.


Whether you're a freelance writer, photographer, or work in another area, you will most likely have to engage in marketing your own work online. You're going to need samples, maybe even a portfolio, and a resume. Many freelancers build websites to showcase their talents so they can refer potential clients there to check out their skills when applying for jobs. Don't worry, though, if you don't have a website right away. Most clients will accept samples via email when seeking freelancers.

Pricing your goods or services is another area you'll have to become accustomed to. Some clients will ask you what your rates are; other clients will offer a set amount and leave it up to you whether or not to accept the job so you may have to be flexible. If you're not sure what you should charge, you can find out what the going rates are online in most cases.

Administrative Duties

Administrative duties are a given in almost any industry and most freelancers don't have their own secretary, at least not in the beginning so they have to perform these functions in conjunction with their creative work. There's a lot of work that falls under this hat: record keeping, taxes, ordering supplies, handling customers and customer complaints, and the list goes on and on. These are important functions of your job, though, so be sure and schedule some time to complete these tasks. Depending on the amount of your business, you may need to set aside one day a week or month to tend to the various administrative duties.

Other Duties of the Freelancer

Not only will you be the one doing all the work, but you'll have to manage all aspects of your business as well. You may have to become an expert researcher, you'll have to stay on top of current trends and technologies and in some aspects of freelancing, such as writing, you'll have to be a top-notch editor as well. In short, you'll have to do everything while leaving yourself enough time and energy to actually perform the creative work that got you into freelancing in the first place. However, if you're truly committed to your craft and have a thick skin, freelancing may be the best job you ever had. Remember, too, that if and when you can afford it there are a variety of other freelancers that are ready, willing, and able to take some of your burden. Once you're able to outsource some of your less favorite duties, you'll be able to devote more time to the reason you're freelancing in the first place, your craft.