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´╗┐Freelancing As A Blogger

Blogging has become a popular way for freelance writers to make money online, although not all those who blog do so for money. Some bloggers just want to be heard and there are literally millions of online blogs to prove it. However, as the blogging phenomenon has increased in popularity, so have opportunities to earn money from blogging.

Blogging Jobs

Professional bloggers or even those entering the blogging market for the first time can find paid blogging positions as well as pick up freelance blogging jobs online. These jobs are found at the same places other online writing jobs are found: at online auction sites, message boards, classified ads, job boards, and even through reading others' blogs on the subject of freelance writing. Some bloggers regularly list freelance writing jobs and post links to the application.

Your Own Blog

Many freelance bloggers like to create their own blogs instead of blogging for someone else. Various blogging sites, some of which are free, and others that charge a monthly fee are available online. Bloggers can register and instantly create their blog on almost any subject. They then have the ability to make their blog available to anyone or to keep it private so that only friends and family can see it. Some bloggers like to set up private family blog sites where they can post family happenings and pictures so that family members who live far apart can interact and view pictures.

Freelance bloggers often set up blogs with the express intent of earning money from them. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Some freelance bloggers are also affiliate marketers and they feature affiliate products on their blogs. They may blog about a particular subject and then offer a product for sale that coincides with the subject they are blogging about. Then when a purchase is made, the blogger receives a commission.

Other Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Some freelance bloggers would rather have their own websites than blog through a blogging site and so they purchase a domain name, sign up for hosting services, and create a website dedicated to their blog. They may also offer affiliate products or they may run ads placed by the major search engines. These ads coincide with the subject of the blog and the blogger earns money when others click on their ads. Even if the site visitor doesn't make a purchase, the blogger earns revenue when the ads are clicked on

Even though this may seem like an easy way to earn money, most of these clicks earn the freelance blogger only pennies per click. While some bloggers have been able to earn a tidy sum of money this way, many others have given up altogether after earning only a few pennies. While it is possible for bloggers to earn a decent amount of money this way, it does take time and a lot of hard work to get to this point.