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It is very important for the companies to know what their customers thinks and wants because businesses can't be successful if they continue to diverge from the needs of their customers. So it is very important to find out what the customer wants from the products and services. When businesses are equipped with accurate, balanced and worthwhile information about the products from the customers, they put themselves way ahead in the competition of marketing stakes. Luckily, there are a many practical methods that businesses can use to extract feedback from their customers.

The methods chosen and their use depend on what the type of feedback is wanted from the customers, for example, to find out what novel and improvement they expect in the product or service or rather what they think about existing products and services, etc.

The six important ways to get feedback:

1. Precisely ask the Customer

Nothing can be easier than asking the customer about their expectations from your product/service. Instead of taking for granted their wants an attempt should be made to understand their exact requirement and then acting according to it.

2. Step in Customers shoes

One of the smartest ways is to be a customer yourself. Just walk in like a customer, seeing things through your customer's eyes. You can also be a special type of customer like a disabled person and observe the way you are treated.

3. Focus Groups

You can create focus groups to discover that there are three different types of customers. First are the locals looking for personal attention; then there are some after-work shoppers looking for convenience; and tourists looking for something unique.

4. Questionnaires and Surveys

Questionnaires and surveys are one of the most established techniques to get written feedback from customers. That is because when they are well-conducted, they give crisp, precise and amazing results.

5. Usage Statistics

The information about sales is most important to indicate your current performance, Sales information should be efficiently managed to estimate consumer response from time to time.

6. Front-Line Staff

The front-line staffs are not only the most reliable and resourceful but also the most inexpensive costly source of customer feedback. Motivation should be given for building strong relationships with customers so that they can express freely how feel about the service. Then the front-line staff should feed back important information to the managers and the customer care wing so that corrective action could be taken.