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Home Business How-To: How to Get Customers and Clients

When you start a home business, one of the most challenging things to do is to find clients and customers for the business. Because you're just starting out, you may not have as much money as bigger businesses and not a lot of money to hire people to do your marketing for you. Don't despair; here are some ways for you to market your home business that you can use right now.

1. Tell family and friends. You may not want to involve your family and friends in your business, but at least make sure they all know what is going on. You may be reluctant to send loved one sales messages, so don't do that. Merely point out that you are in business and would love it if they thought of you the next time anyone needs a product or service like the one you provide. It can be as simple as that, and no one will react poorly.

2. Join a professional organization. Join the Chamber of Commerce, or any local business organization. You can attract business from the organization without too much publicity, as you can attend functions and network so that others will be aware of your business.

3. Give free samples to local businesses. If you have a gift basket business, for example, provide a free gift basket to your local bank or supermarket. Ask for it to be displayed on the counter, and provide businesscards. This is an easy way for you to get noticed. You can even offer participating businesses a piece of your profits from customers you got from them.

4. Call business owners in related businesses and ask to pair up. If you sell balloons, for example, flower shops are probably a business that you would seek out. You can offer their customers discounts, and they can do the same for you.

5. Get online. If you have a business and you don't have a website, you are missing out on a lot of business. Most people search the Internet for what they're looking for, even if they plan to buy locally. Take advantage of that and create a website.

When you get your site up and running, do a little internet marketing so that you can get some customers through the Internet. Most internet marketing methods are free or very low-cost, so it doesn't hurt you to try.

One of the best ways to market your business online is to use social media. These free sites allow friends, fans and contacts access to status updates and random postings throughout the day. Social media can be a great way for you to interact with prospective customers if you offer them relevant or entertaining information. Resist the urge to hard-sell; the Internet is not the same as the offline world.

If no one knows about your business, it will falter. But now that you have these ideas under your belt, news of your business can start spreading and you can have the success you've always wanted.