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´╗┐How To Create Info Products With Little Effort

It is quite well known that you can make good money from selling information products on the internet. What puts a lot of people off trying that for themselves is that they think it is too difficult and time-consuming to write e-books, which are the biggest selling information products which yield the most profit. The good news is that that assumption is wrong!

You can write an e-book very quickly, with little effort, using a number of different methods.

Method 1

Put a series of articles together on different aspects of a topic. You may well have written articles before and if you own the copyright to them or if they are PLR articles with resell rights, you can very quickly assemble them into e-book to sell. All you need to do is add a front cover.

Method 2

Interview an expert. If they agree to share their knowledge in an e-book which you then sell, even if you agree some deal whereby profits are split, you can make great money by selling this expert e-book.

Method 3

You can automatically get a testimonial and build a case study into your e-book by using this method of 'following' someone as they learn something. For instance, suppose you have one information product which is detailing a fitness regime or learning some kind of IT skill. You can support this first information product and sell a second product, and get someone else to do most of the work!


Send out an e-mail to your mailing list. Find someone who is willing to try out your first product and who is willing to communicate with you. You can offer them your first information product for free, of course. What they have to do in return is send you regular progress reports about what parts of your initial e-book or e-course they have tried and what progress they have made. Have them agree that these e-mails will form part the information product.

Of course then, when you have decided between you what the person's goals are in using your information product, you need to e-mail them a system by which they should be able to achieve their goals. You should swap a series of e-mails with the person trying out your information product. You can use the feedback to improve your information product. When you're ready to make up your information product, collate them together and do a spell check, grammar check and proofread them. Put them together in a Word file which you then convert to PDF.

That gives you your e-book! You can also incorporate this client's testimonial into your information product so that it has even more credibility. Of course, you can do this whole system with any number of people.

So, for anyone who thought it was too difficult or time-consuming to write an information product, there are three easy ways to do it.