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Internet Marketing

Promoting your small business on the internet

You could attract more customers to your store and even start selling your products online thanks to a good online marketing campaign. Take a few minutes to read this article and start planning your marketing campaign.

Your first step should be to find a reliable web hosting service. You can easily find free web hosting services, but you should invest in a quality service if you can afford to. Look for a web host with a good reputation, at least five years of existence, regular updates and an uptime of 99% or more. Compare different options and choose a plan that will give your site enough storage space to grow and enough bandwidth to get more traffic to your site.

Your website should contain contact information, a map to get to your store and descriptions of your services or products. You can add pictures, customer reviews and news articles as you develop your site. Take a look at other small business websites to get a better idea of what your site should look like. Do not create a complex design: keep things simple so that visitors can easily find the page they are looking for and load the site quickly.

Finding leads can be a good way to promote your small business. You can find potential customers on the internet by visiting sites related to the interests of your target audience or by starting a mailing list for instance. When selecting your leads, make sure these people are actually interested by your products. Get in touch with people in a professional manner and focus on the value of your products to avoid being considered as a spammer.

You can encourage people to visit your site or to order products online by offering limited offers. Share your coupons and discounts with the people on your mailing list or the customers who 'liked' your Facebook page for instance. Give people an extra discount if they share this information with their friends: this is a good way to get more people interested in your special offers.

You need to find a reliable service to send out your orders. The USPS is a good service but packages take time to reach their destination. Consider creating a UPS account for faster delivery. Perhaps you could give your customers different options: ask them to pay a few extra dollars for UPS service. Invest in quality shipping supplies so that your products are protected.

There are many other strategies you should look into. Connect with other websites and businesses with a similar target audience to reach out to more people. Find out more about social media marketing and mobile marketing if your target audience is likely to use social networks or mobile phones with an internet connection. Tailor your marketing campaign to your audience and the kind of products you are selling.

Even a small business can benefit from a good online marketing campaign. Establish clear goals for yourself, whether you want to start selling your products online or attract more local customers to your store.