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Traditional Internet marketing has its place and has shown to be successful for a lot of people. However, sometimes it is important to be creative with marketing techniques to really blow away your audience. Here are some creative techniques that have proven to be effective in Internet marketing.

One unusual technique is to place your ad in videos that have gone viral. We all know how popular viral videos are and how many people see these videos. What if all of these people saw your ad, too? You can either attach your ad to the video itself, put your ad on the video hosting page, or come up with your own viral video with your product or company name in it. This could help bring many people your way.

Make a Facebook page for your business. Your page should be professional and contain pictures, videos, and information about your company and your products. It is also a great way to converse with your audience. This will make your business seem more personable and people have shown to really like that. Once you have set up your page, friend as many people as you can. You can even have a small token of appreciation to each person who "likes" your page. There are lots of people on Facebook, and you should be, too.

Using Facebook to connect with your audience is great, but you can also use it as a spot to place your ads. Millions of people visit Facebook each day and by putting your ads in front of them, you are putting your name out there for many to see.

Another way you can use social media is to hold Twitter parties. Twitter parties are a lot of fun. You can get a lot of people involved and have some good conversation. If you give away some freebies, you will have a lot more involvement. Give away free products that are yours or relate to your site. People love to get stuff for free and you will be able to attract a lot of people with a party where there are prizes.

Give away free samples or trials. People love to try out products before they buy them. If you are willing to let your audience try out what you are selling, they will likely come back to you to purchase your items if they like them.

Hold fun contests. You can do anything you can imagine. Have your audience come up with a unique way to use your product. Have them name a new product. Have them make a commercial or send in a funny video with your product. The sky is the limit with it comes to holding unique contests. With your contests you can offer great prizes and everyone loves getting free products. You will get many people to your site by offering a fun contest.

Use the tips here to create your own creative and unique Internet marketing campaign. Your audience will appreciate your creativity and continue visiting your site to see what new ideas you have come up with.