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´╗┐Joomla Is The Best Way To Manage Web Site Content

Joomla is the best way to keep the content on your web site fresh. If you wonder why that is important, it's because of search engines like Google. What is content? It's the written word. Typically, content is in the form of an article that can be read on one page of a web site. If you don't have keyword-rich content on your website, people won't find you as they search the web. Graphics may look good but they don't help you with search engines. Not only do you good content, it can not stay the same. Content must be changed regularly on your web site. Search engines do not like static web sites. If it sounds like search engines rule the world, they do.

Joomla is the easiest way to change the content on your website. Once it is set up, nontechnical people can add articles to a web site very easily. Joomla has an excellent "content management system" that is becoming the industry standard. It is open source, which means that it is free. No one can charge you for the Joomla software. You may decide to pay a technical person to switch your web site to Joomla software, but then any person who knows word processing should be able to manage the articles.

Any web site can be switched to Joomla, usually in a day or less. Once you have Joomla, you can add articles easily. Each article is managed through administrator settings. If you want to make change to all articles at once, there is a global configuration parameter. Or you set parameters for each article page by page. You have a number of options for how to manage your article. You may decide that you want to "show author" for all of your articles by setting the global parameter. Or you may want to "hide author" for some articles and can set those articles up that way.

It's an amazing thing to be able to make global changes on a web site. Always before, it was a laborious task that involved making a change to each article. Those days are gone for people who have Joomla web sites.

Joomla is a wonderful way for people to take more control of their websites. You won't have to rely on a technical person to add articles anymore. You can even decide on the layout of your articles. For web sites that accept articles from multiple authors, Joomla is an efficient management system. You will easily be able to add content from different sources. Your blogging function will be much easier to manage with Joomla.

Joomla is a huge advance in managing the content of websites. As we all know, technology advances are a big opportunity that gives tremendous competitive advantage. If your web site is not Joomla, you will not be able to keep up with what other web sites are doing easily. If you switch to Joomla, you will be ahead of the pack.