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´╗┐Joomla Gives New Freedom To Website Owners

If you have a web site but don't want to fool with the technical tasks, you need Joomla. You may never have heard of Joomla if you donare not a technical person. Joomla is a free system that enables web site owners to change articles easily. For far too long, web owners have been held hostage to all the people who charge a fee every time new content needs to be added to the web site. With a Joomla web site, those days are over.

You may have paid a lot of money for your web site but are unhappy because you can't make any changes to it. Most of us don't know or want to learn HTML, the computer language used on web sites. We prefer to stick with English. We just want to be able to be able to easily add new content to our web sites. With a Joomla web site, we can do that. Joomla separates the technical functions of your web site completely from the function of adding new content. This is exciting for those of us who are truly phobic about computer technology. We don't want to get involved in anything that involves technical aspects of web sites. With Joomla, we can't mess up the technical functions of our web site. That is a big relief.

You can hire someone to switch your web site to Joomla. It shouldn't take more than a day of work. Don't let someone charge you big bucks for the switch to Joomla. Joomla is "open source," which means that it can be downloaded free. You should not need to switch your web host. If you want to change your website design, there are plenty of companies that sell Joomla templates that look great.

As we all know, what is important to search engines is the content of the web site, not the design.

Once your web site is set up with Joomla, you will be able to add articles easily. You can even control the layout to some extent. Joomla has different positions on each page where you can put your content. Thesse are called "module positions." Yes, it does sound technical, but don't let that worry you. Modules are just the content that you move to certain places on the page.

Joomla lets you organize your content. It's just a high-tech version of a file cabinet, so it's nothing to be apprehensive about. Joomla lets you organize your content in sections, categories and articles (or content items). If you're really phobic about technical stuff, add a bit of training to your contract with whoever does your Joomla switch. After the first time you add content, you'll be an expert. It's that easy.

Static content is a real problem for many web sites. If you own a web site, you need to have content that is keyword-rich and that changes regularly. Joomla allows you to add new content to your web site whenever you want to. It's easy to do. That's the joy of Joomla.