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Online business marketing has gotten progressively more and more competitive. Today's entrepreneurs have so many more things to take into consideration than their brick & mortar counterparts. Online businesses today must be concerned about Google rankings and become very invested in making certain that they achieve top ranking.

A top ten Google ranking will almost always insure that your business pops up in the search listings when someone does a Google search with a certain keyword. There are other concerns but Google ranking seems to have taken over as the top concern for many entrepreneurs. However, this is only one marketing tactic that you can use to promote your business. Many entrepreneurs feel that if they are not in the top ten of the Google search ranking then they may not profit or that their business will fail.

The search engine wars are really a problem for businesses big and small. There are businesses that solely concentrate on raising their Google ranking at any costs. What many of these businesses are failing to recognize is that this is only one form of marketing strategy. Putting too much stock into only one form of marketing and not really a strategy which is what is needed to be successful in any business.

The key to success in any business and indeed any marketing program is to find the spot or the "sweet spot" where the risk of doing business and the rewards that can possibly be achieved align with each other as well as the ideal profit margin in alignment with the businesses long term goals.

There are many ways to stay in the mind of your target market in addition to Google search ranking. It is crucial to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of every tactic that you will consider when marketing your business. If something is not working, then switch it out and get something else. What gives your business momentum is the ability to back up what you are selling.

There is not a single marketing tactic that any business should hang all of their hopes on. A good marketing plan combines a variety of tactics along with solid planning. In fact, the key to successful marketing is very likely the same for online businesses as well as their brick and mortar counterparts. Develop a solid strategy, produce or provide an excellent product or service and then let your potential customers know about it.