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´╗┐MLM In Health and Wellness Industry

If Paul Zane Pilzer, economic advisor to two US presidents, is to be believed then the health and wellness industry is going to be the next trillion dollar industry by the year 2010. Presently the food and beverages industry occupies that position and is undoubtedly creating a market of ill and overweight Americans for the wellness industry to capitalize on. This is no doubt going to be the opportunity of the century with many MLM entrepreneurs just waiting in the aisles to jump on to the band wagon as it passes by.

Where there is an opportunity to make great profits from any business can the masters of MLM be far behind? In fact, they are already waiting in the shadows keeping an eagle eye on developments in the health and wellness industry. One great product and it will hit the market through so many MLM channels that most of the competition of the health and wellness industry will be taken unawares. MLM can play and in fact, already is playing an important part in pushing health and wellness products in the market. There are many MLM leaders with their teams ready to begin marketing wellness products through their internet MLM programs and even in the physical markets so much so that before we know what is happening many of the products will be held in millions of hands and all within a matter of a few days.

If you are not new to the internet and email you will already be familiar with MLM and health and wellness. I for one have been inundated with health products through email and even post cards relating to health products from Viagra to body cleansing. MLM participants are selling all sorts of health and wellness products through email and online marketing. There are affiliate programs that cannot be counted by numbers alone, we will need an algebraic expression to determine the number of these MLM programs promoting health and wellness products on the internet. However, this form of selling health and wellness products is fast gaining momentum.

One would wonder, by observing the change in marketing products, if the fast food industry is partnering the health and wellness industry of late. In lighter vein, I would give in to my imagination that after the junk food industry has fattened up the goose, they are now turning to products that would help slim it down a bit - perhaps to begin the whole fattening cycle again.

Nevertheless, the MLM marketing technique is the most sought after technique to sell non-prescription medications and supplements as this is a way of circulating the products fast and effectively and very economically too.