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Incorporating Diversity into your Network Marketing Team

Reaching new people is a persistent challenge for network marketers. Use the following suggestions to incorporate concepts of diversity into your network marketing team-building approach to reach new members of your target audience.

Consider language barriers that might be preventing you from reaching your target audience members who speak diverse languages, and actively seek team members who can help you break through the language barrier.

Use diversity training for your team to begin thinking about built-in bias you may not be aware of that is preventing you from reaching out to likely customers. The good news is that there are many diversity training programs that you can use as part of a group meeting with other network marketers on your team or that you can suggest to your upline as subject matter for a larger meeting.

Consider including new subject matter for your team meetings such as education about holidays and customs in other cultures, especially those involving gift exchanges that can expand holiday season selling opportunities for your team members.

Consider making some changes in how you recruit team members in terms of the time of day you schedule appointments. You can experiment with a designated period of time each month or each week when you switch your business hours in order to reach new types of people. For instance, if you typically meet with people in the evenings, see whether you can set up appointments during lunch hours to vary the kind of people you see.

Invite contributions from other network marketers to your blog or podcast material. By including diverse points of views in your prepared materials, you incorporate brainstorming as a value for your entire team.

When you include guests on your blog site or at meetings, do not confine yourself to people you "like." Diversity means including those whose approach you might not identify with on any obvious level.

Network marketing frequently emphasizes you and your business rather than relationships and therefore frequently attracts individuals who want to be their own boss so that your ability to focus on the team as a whole will create a stronger network of network marketers.

Read through your agreement with your network marketing company to see what kinds of interactions are acceptable among different teams in order to incorporate new ideas into your team approach. If you're unsure about whether your agreement would allow you to try a new type of interaction, speak with your upline for additional information.

Go beyond the numbers in considering the strengths and weaknesses of your team members in order to generate useful meetings for everyone on your team. By merely choosing subject-matter with which you are familiar or subject matter that directly goes to the bottom line, you are confining the ideas and learning opportunities available for your team.

Diversity can expand your team and their ability to sell to new groups of customers within your target audience. Use the suggestions above to incorporate actions that reflect your commitment to diversity to improve the effectiveness of your network marketing team.