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´╗┐Three Ways To Get Your Adsense Account Banned

If you rely on Adsense as a means of income generation, you definitely don't want to lose your account to a ban. Even if you don't regularly use the account, you want to keep that Internet marketing weapon in your personal arsenal just in case you need it later.

Every day, however, many people lose their accounts. They receive the dreaded account ban. What are they doing to get those accounts canceled? If you don't know, you should. That's the best way to be sure you're not at risk of losing your account.

There are many different ban justifications. If you want to be sure you're completely on the right side of Adsense, spend a little time with Terms of Service to check your compliance. That being said, here are three reasons people may find themselves getting that dreaded cancellation email.

Clicking Your Own Ads

Don't click your own ads. Don't do it. They will notice. They will notice even if you just do it once or twice on different sites. It's not worth the risk. You don't want to throw away your account because you couldn't resist the urge to collect on a twenty-five sent click. If you do click on one an ad on one of your own pages (accidents do happen), let Google know. That's right, send an email telling them that you just realized you clicked improperly. Self-clicking is a frequent reason for bans, so take this one seriously.

Skipping the Privacy Policy

This issue hasn't led to as many cancellations yet, but the numbers could pick up in the future. After many years without a privacy policy requirement, Google now insists that all Adsense publishers provide a policy statement that discloses what information is gathered by the site (and advertisers). If you don't have a policy, get one in place now. It's easy to do, especially since a few kind people have created free policy generators and templates.

Joining a Click Club

Google hires pretty bright people. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that they can figure it out when a small group of people get together and come up with a scheme to click on one another's ads. These cabals of clicking never last long and invariably end in account bans. Stay in good standing. Play by the rules. Don't trade ad clicks or join a click club.

It's easy to lose your Adsense account if you don't follow the Adsense TOS. Study it closely. In the meantime, don't click ads on your sites, get a privacy policy in place and don't RSVP when someone asks you to join a click network.