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It is difficult to find a wide range of information on online publishing. Part of the reason is that the term covers such a wide range of possibilities. Everything from print on demand books to ebooks and blog posts to article marketing fall beneath this catch all phrase. It makes it difficult to find a narrowly defined audience or give everyone who searches for this information what they are looking for. It's one of the few obscure terms that often falls between the cracks.

Hopefully, this will help you get a few of the basics that you can put into practice with your own online publishing efforts. The end goals are the same for most people no matter what type of online publishing strikes their fancy. Those goals are to make money.

1)Make integrity your priority. If you research your topics well and present factual information that helps your readers you will see a much greater return on the investment of your time. If you put up useless information or false information, it erodes the credibility of your site and can greatly damage your brand within the niche.

2)Leave a little question lingering. While you want to answer questions in your online publishing, you also want them to come back for more or dig a little deeper within your sites. The goal of article marketing and blog posts is to make those critical sales. You can do this better by sparking the curiosity of those who come across your publishing efforts.

3)Put your readers first. If you make entertaining and informing your readers a primary goal it will bring better results than if you write solely for the attention of the search engines. You must find a happy medium that doesn't leave your readers scratching their heads, yawning, or worse, clicking the x at the top of the screen.

4)Become an expert in your niche. This should go without saying but happens to be the exception rather than the rule. You need to become an expert on the products you are promoting if you want to convince readers that you are an authority on the topic. This can be done with a small degree of research and some hands on experience. It makes for a much more effective online publishing experience for you and your audience and will result in bigger sales over time.

5)Use social networking to announce your online publishing projects and to help solidify your brand within your niche of choice. Social networking can increase the results of your online publishing efforts exponentially. Make sure you put this powerful tool to work for you. The cost is a few minutes of your time consistently making contacts and touching base with the people in your circle of friends and connections.

These basics of online publishing will carry you far no matter which type of online publishing projects you choose to pursue. How can you put these great tips to work for you?