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´╗┐Tips For Podcasters - Listener and Viewer Retention

Podcasters take pride in their work and strive to deliver the highest quality programming possible to their audiences. What happens though when those audiences become less interested and start to listen or watch other programs? Well, that is one thing you as a podcaster do not want to find out. Learn how to keep current listeners happy; now and in the future by following these steps.

First, ask for input from listeners. Getting feedback, both positive and negative from your core audience is essential to operating a successful podcast. Encourage listeners to contact the show via email and tell what they like and what they think needs improvement. After all of the responses have been noted, pick some of the best improvement suggestions and have the listeners vote on them. Remember to do this periodically (ask for feedback) as listener demographics change. Make adjustments and change the show for the better by following the suggestions from your listeners.

Next, make the show fun. Part of making a podcast fun is to allow for an interactive fan experience. Encourage the audience to participate in the show as much as possible. From providing feedback to having contents and guest interviewers, have the show and audience interact as much as possible makes listening to the show a fun experience. Some contest ideas include: creating a banner or logo for the show, coming up with a show mascot, composing the podcast's theme song, and creating other show-related artwork. Reveal the winner(s) live and always mention there will be another contest coming soon. This will help keep the audience interested and coming back for more of your podcasts.

Have a fun day where you will be the interviewed. Creating an "Interview the Podcaster" day is another way to encourage audience interaction. Announce the upcoming event on your podcast and/or website and have listeners submit questions via email. Answer selected questions and, if financially able to, offer small incentives like a t-shirt or bumper sticker to listeners whose question was chosen. Also, announce upcoming guests on the podcast and allow listeners to submit questions for the selected guest. Offer the same kind of incentive as above. Order t-shirts, bumper stickers or other promotional materials in bulk to receive a large discount. Incentives not only keep customers happy but are also great advertising tools for your business and/or podcast.

Finally, be persistent and regular. Always broadcast your podcast at the same time on the same day. This will help retain regular listeners by making your show part of their routine. If unavailable to host a show, have a back-up host available. Keep an emergency script already made out, and if necessary, email it to the substitute host. Illness and other emergency commitments can come at a moment's notice, so always prepare for the worst, every time.

By following these suggestions, podcasters will remain successful by captivating and engaging a loyal audience. This will also help the show grow, which in turn will help generate more listeners and increased revenue.