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´╗┐How To Create A Landing Page For A Successful PPC Campaign

A pay per click campaign cannot be truly successful if you don't have a landing page that capitalizes on the increase in traffic that the campaign generates. You've created the keywords that draw these visitors to your landing page. Wouldn't it be such a shame to lose these visitors because your landing page fails to deliver? It would be wrong to fail to consider that your landing page may be at fault rather than the keywords you've selected. This is especially true if you are getting the clicks but they just aren't converting into sales.

One thing you will want to do is make a point of creating several landing pages and testing them out to see which one delivers the best results. You can direct the bulk of your pay per click ads to those pages that deliver the best results consistently. It's a good idea to always test and tweak your keywords, landing pages, and analyze the impact that the changes bring about.

Some things you will want to keep in mind as you create your landing pages are listed below.

Offer a Solution to a Problem

It's always a good idea to use your landing page to help people. When you make them feel as though your genuine goal is to help them solve a problem or find a solution they are much more willing to buy from you.

Is it Appropriate to the Search Term?

This is an important factor to consider. If you need to create multiple landing pages in order to work with various keywords or phrases then that is what you need to do. Your landing page needs to work with the keywords that were queried or you have wasted the price of a click and created a frustrated visitor.

Does it Load Quickly?

Make sure that your page loads quickly, even on dial up. The reason is simple. People are impatient. If your page takes too long to load, they will click out and move on to the next site in search of instant gratification.

Does it Grab Attention?

If your headlines don't immediate grab the attention of your visitor then it's time to make a change. Make sure that your page is easy to read and gets the attention of your buying public. You've worked hard to get those visits. Don't drop the ball at this critical stage by using less than engaging content.

Do You Call Visitors to Action?

Are you asking them to buy? Are you telling them what you have to offer and giving them a reason to buy right now? Believe it or not, something as simple as suggesting that visitors buy now is known to deliver big results. If you don't believe this, test it out for yourself. You'll be surprised by the results.

Your landing pages are almost as critical to pay per click campaign success as the keywords you use to draw the visitors in. Make sure that you put a great deal of time, care, attention, and testing into the choice of keywords you are using.