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Are you wondering whether or not you have what it takes to make your way to Internet wealth through pay per click advertising? It is possible. After all, there are plenty of people who have managed to find the secret to success in this potentially lucrative market. But, what is it, and how can you make it work for you? Pay per click ads are ads that are commonly found in the form of text ads on websites, ad networks, and on search engine results pages.

It is the keyword that makes the difference between extreme profitability in this type of marketing campaign and throwing good money after bad. Advertisers bid on keywords that are shown when website visitors type in or click on certain keywords as well as the placement of these ads. These keywords and ads are displayed as sponsored links.

Those who advertises only pay when those ads are clicked. This is a fixed price according to the bid and can be a huge benefit to those advertising on a budget. You set the click price and you can set the number of clicks you are willing to pay for. This puts you firmly in control of your advertising budget and you are only paying for those who actually click through to see your website.

There are no words adequate to stress the importance of finding the right keywords in a pay per click campaign. The wrong keywords can have you paying a lot of money for very little results. Finding profitable keywords can bring in more money than most other advertising forms and provide a much greater return on investment. Do your research ahead of time. Find out who is buying the product you are promoting and what keywords seem to trigger a buy rather than simply searching for information. The fact that the ads are separate from most informational sites you will generally get clicks from those who are ready to buy rather than simply surfing the net looking for information. Choosing the right keywords or combination of keywords though can increase that likelihood and increase your profits.

One of the best things about pay per click advertising is that you are not limited to a specific location or market. You are able to show your product to anyone around the world who clicks on your link. Even better, you are only paying for those who click. You get global marketing potential for a price that compares to regional advertising ventures.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage for pay per click advertising though is the potential for abuse or fraud. Click fraud is something the search engines are working hard to combat but it does lead to problems for many advertisers by artificially inflating prices or demand for certain keywords and causing you to pay for clicks that were not made by your target audience—something that pay per click was supposed to eliminate in the beginning.