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´╗┐Tips To Enhance Your Press Release

There are a number of ways that businesses can choose to enhance the quality of their press releases. New startups may be unaware of simple methods that they can use to enhance their press releases and make them more visible; most do not require the spending of any additional money.


Imagine a journalist going through several hundred press releases a day all in black and white, though these press releases may be interesting and follow the specific rules of press release writing there is nothing to set them apart. To get impact businesses should always include pictures with their press releases.

Business logos, product pictures and charts catch the eyes; they can also be used to create brand recognition. As you continue to send out press releases journalist may begin to recognize your press release by a quick glance at the logo. If using pictures obtain the services of a professional. A company that hired a professional photographer when creating their company catalogue could then use a picture from their catalogue when sending out their press release.

Search engine friendly

When using press releases online, make them keyword optimized. By using keywords that tie in to products that your business sells customers can pull up your website when using search engines to locate products or services they want.

Remain objective

Before sending out your press release look over it again. Does it really create the impression you want journalist and potential customers to have of your business? Is the information newsworthy? Does the press release read like an advertisement? By setting your press release away and coming back too it later you can decide if the story is objective and focused on the event or occasion you are trying to promote.


Though most businesses take care to spell check and grammar check their articles they tend to forget the title. Titles should be 10 words or less and the number of characters should be less than 80. In a press release, information should be readable, break up longer sentences and use everyday language. Like news articles, short paragraphs are also ideal.

Too short

Often businesses make their press releases too long, covering several pages in length. Other businesses make the release too short, if it only takes you a few sentences or a single paragraph to give the reader all the information, then maybe you do not need a press release. Though acceptable length for a press release varies, a length between 300 and 500 words is most often used. An acceptable length for longer press releases is around 800 words.

Link back to your company: When writing the press release link add relevant links to your company. Beyond listing your Web site address in the contact information area when submitting online you can link press releases back to the specific page on your site that the press releases relates too. Linking your press release to your blog can also be used to get attention. If you read other industry blogs, leave relevant comments and post a link back to your press release.