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´╗┐Press Releases Online Are A Great Marketing Tool

New and established businesses are constantly searching for ways to bring exposure to their companies. Whether the company is an established business or an upstart, they could certainly use a little help in getting exposure. They often use many resources as a marketing tool in an effort to find what fits their company's personality, what brings in the customers and basically, what works for them. While doing this, they may find that some resources work better than others do while other resources work even better with some adjusting and tweaking to fit. One such marketing tool that works very well for most any company, any niche and any size and in any market is the press release. The press release can contain a wealth of information about the company; can be delivered in several different platforms, with online press release submissions also becoming more popular among businesses.

Press releases have been used for years as a marketing tool to help new and established businesses get recognition in their niche field. Many companies even network within their industry via press release announcements and use the tool to stay abreast of current trends, market watches and future developments of particular organizations. Not only is it good for any business, it can also be good for the business' competition.

As a marketing tool, companies use press releases extensively to bring product and service awareness to their companies and even for the opportunity to make new product pitches to potential customers. How many times have you as a customer read a press release by a company and thought, "I didn't know that they did that?!" This response is often exactly what some companies wish to achieve by making these formal press release announcements. Essentially, the company wants to create brand recognition via their press release and create a customer base.

Through the traditional venue of press release submission, a company can submit their pertinent information to a media outlet and have their press releases appear in a matter of day. However, with the advent of newer age technology, the ability to submit press releases online has become an excellent opportunity. This excellent opportunity, via the internet, allows business owners the chance to compete fairly with other companies to get their names, products and services in front of consumers.

Whereas traditional methods are still employed and actually preferred by some companies, most companies are starting to turn to online sources and resources to get their messages broadcasted and available to the consumer. Online marketing social circles and social media outlets are ideal places to position your press release and offer your company the ability to reach the most people in your targeted niche. When you position yourself and your business in numerous online networks, social circles and venues, you heighten the opportunity to share your product or service with your target audience. Even if the particular audience that you place the press release with cannot use it, they may share it with someone else in their network and create even more traffic for your business, which is after all, the goal of the press release.