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´╗┐Know Your Target Market and Market Accordingly

Who are your potential customers in your targeted market? What are their needs? Are they looking for convenience, bargains, or something in between? This is important information for you to know in order to be successful as an Internet marketer. It's simply not enough to have a great product; there are a lot of great products out there. Knowing your target audience is crucial to your Internet marketing success because not until you know the wants and needs of your potential customers will you be able to fulfill them.

Promoting to Convenience Seekers

People who are looking for convenience do not have the same needs as those who are looking for a bargain. People who are more interested in saving time than money may be willing to pay a higher price but they will want instant downloads and they may want products that do more for them than some basic products do. For example, suppose you are marketing your writing services online. You'll find customers that are willing to pay $1 per article and you'll find customers that are willing to pay $15 or more per article. While all of these potential customers want to purchase articles, many of them have different needs. Some of them, usually the lower paying ones, want articles as fast as possible, and as cheap as possible. They don't care much about the quality as long as their keywords are used. Now, suppose you charge $10 per 500 word article and you market to this demographic. See what I mean? Even though you are selling the right product, marketing to the wrong demographic will net you zero sales so it is crucial that you know the needs of your target market and market accordingly.

Promoting to Bargain Hunters

Most bargain hunters want quality products at a discounted price. They don't mind waiting longer to get their product if it means they won't have to pay for shipping. They are an excellent group to market 2 for 1 offers to because they love getting something for free so if you are marketing to bargain hunters take their unique needs into consideration. For example, bargain hunters won't be impressed by instant downloads if they still have to pay a high price for the item. Bargain hunters want a deal and will hold out until they find one.

This concept works regardless of the niche in which you are marketing. Say your niche is dog training. Are you marketing to those who are trying to keep their houses from being destroyed or are you marketing to people who want to impress their friends with their well behaved, obedient canine? See the difference? Both of these groups are interested in dog training issues but they have very different needs and will react in very different ways to your products and services. Make it a point to know your target audience and what their unique needs are.