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´╗┐Is Public Domain Content Relevant Today?

While it may seem that decades old content that is in the public domain would have no relevance today, especially when it comes to something as modern as Internet marketing, nothing could be further from the truth. You may have heard of the book, "Think and Grow Rich," by Napoleon Hill. Not only is it one of the greatest books of all time, but it has made many an Internet marketer serious money as they have taken parts of this public domain work and repackaged it in a variety of ways.

History really does Repeat Itself

I'm sure you've heard the old maxim, "History repeats itself." While that is another age-old truth, it stands to reason that we're not so very different from people that were searching for answers to their problems 50, 75, even 100 years ago. While some of the language will certainly need to be updated, good works from yesteryear can be great sources of income today. Just one gem in a dusty old bookstore could keep you busy for months and bring in more income than you could make creating products from scratch.

Build upon Your Public Domain Content

While it is not difficult to take public domain content and make it your own, it is necessary. You'll also obtain a wealth of information about how things used to be done, which you can use to your benefit as well. You may just need to update the way of doing some things. For example, if you have a home and garden site that you are using public domain content on, chances are great that you will find a good amount of content that can stand with few changes and a good amount of content that you will have to update because the way things were done at the time the work was published may be so outdated that no one would do it that way today. Also, be prepared to update the language even if the content is still viable. Lingo and jargon that was used 75 years ago would stick out like a sore thumb so you will need to update that for keywords as well as readability.

Vintage Sites and Public Domain Content

Vintage sites are popular anyway and can be a goldmine for using public domain content. There are thousands of websites dedicated to vintage items for sale and you could make great use of public domain content on one of those subjects. It really doesn't matter whether your site is dedicated to the most modern convenience or the oldest antique around; there is public domain content available for you to make use of!

Do Your Research

Don't get discouraged as you search for public domain content for your Internet marketing needs. It may take a while, at least in the beginning, for you to find exactly what it is you're looking for. Remember, too, that not all public domain works are old; there are a significant number of public domain resources that contain relatively new works. The government, for example, produces scores of public domain works that you can use to boost your profits. There are also plenty of artists and writers who simply give their works over to the public domain so you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to the age of the public domain material you use.