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´╗┐Using Public Domain Content With Affiliate Programs

Most Internet marketers are well acquainted with affiliate programs and have experience with several of them. Perhaps you've wished you had a product for affiliates to sell as there is always an abundance of affiliate marketers looking for new products to promote. Now you can by using materials you can obtain for free from the public domain.

Take the Best and Leave the Rest

You can expect to spend some time, first pouring through public domain resources and directories and then selecting products you can tweak and then promote. However, it will be well worth it in the end if you come up with one or a few or even several marketable products.

Take the best information from your source and produce an ebook or a special report. Not only can you sell it yourself but you can also offer it to affiliates. In addition, you can include links back to your site in your new products that will help to drive additional traffic to your site and boost your income.

Don't Forget Bonuses

Even if you do have your own product to promote, you can create some really attractive products from material you find in the public domain to use as bonuses to your product line. Most successful Internet marketers use bonuses to help sell their products and if your inventory of products is limited, you might consider trolling the public domain for ideas for new products.

Add Public Domain Images to Your Existing Products

Books and other forms of text are not the only types of content freely available in the public domain. You can also access pictures and other images that you can use to enhance existing products. Maybe you've written your own ebook or other type of marketable product and want to enhance it with images. You can find a plethora of free pictures and other types of images in the public domain. The beauty of Internet marketing with materials gleaned from the public domain is that you don't have to be especially creative to create products in this way. For one thing, you don't have to create them from scratch. You can mill an entire book for ideas and then condense it and add to it and delete where necessary. Then, as long as it is a digital product, you can add it to the ClickBank marketplace, where hungry affiliates are constantly looking for new products to promote.

Promote Other Marketer's Public Domain Products

If you type the words "public domain affiliate" into Google or any other search engine, you'll be presented with numerous offers to promote public domain programs or content for other marketers who have capitalized on this treasure trove. There are many successful Internet marketers who do nothing but affiliate marketing so if that describes you, you can still cash in on the public domain.

If you're not yet familiar with the wealth of products the public domain has to offer absolutely free, take some time to familiarize yourself because you may be so inspired by what you see that you'll instantly come up with new ways to make money online. After all, that's the idea!