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´╗┐The Essential Do it Yourself SEO Guide

If you own a business you know already that generating traffic is the most crucial part of your online business, especially if you are a small or home based business and you don't have big opportunities and budget to spend on huge advertising and multiple marketing strategies and approaches. And for the same reason you cannot hire professionals and service companies that promise amazing results in a short period of time. Especially if you are a starter and amateur, you should probably try to organize and plan your own SEO strategy and try to make your website known by optimizing it in a way that it can climb the search engine rankings easily . This is the key element for some good web traffic.

If you plan your own SEO you should start with keywords, as they are the stepping stones of every successful internet business. A keyword rich content is what you need and even if you do not do anything else regarding the SEO process, this is something you should definitely do. Search engines rank sites based on their content, its value and the keywords or phrases used in it, since users and readers accept that better websites are those which provide valuable information on popular or important issues.

Having quality content is not easy and takes some time and work. You need to evaluate your niche product and your service, think what you offer and what is better for you to present and promote and work on that. Using popular and well targeted and appointed keywords can help you articulate your thoughts and your project better and in a more understandable and comprehensive way for the users. If readers are satisfied with your website then not only will they get back to you more often but they will probably use some social bookmarking method to promote it, and the viral marketing effect will work in your favor.

Once you have planned on how to use keywords, it is important to make your website appear in directories and databases. There is no point in having a website about fishing equipment if users cannot find it when browsing some fishing related directories. They will never visit your site. Moreover, it is very important to create back links, which means that you have to either write some blogs or add your website link there, or visit blogs and forums, become an active member and then provide your links to the boards and blog pages. The more back links you have, the better rankings you will get, because search engines believe that back links show the level of trust other people have for your website.

Whatever you decide to do, however slow you want to take your campaign , if you want to have a successful SEO you need to start with keywords and good connections and back links. These are the most important means of achieving good site rankings and consequently successful traffic generation.