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In many circles, social networking is all the rage among Internet marketers. In fact, there are quite a few who will boldly proclaim that social networking is the way of the future in Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and almost any online business venture you can think of. The reason is simple: a wider audience. The downside is that the audience you get with social networking is not generally very targeted. That doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some amazing results from online marketing. Keep these basics in mind though as you begin your social networking efforts for a great chance of the success you are looking for.

- You get out of it what you put into it. This is an old saying but oh so true in many things in life. Social networking is one of those things. Online networks, just as those in "the real world" take time and effort in order to cultivate. You must participate in the social networking process if you really want to reap the rewards of social networking. The rewards are nearly limitless when you put a great deal of effort into your social networking actions.

- Make social networking as simple as possible in order to enjoy the greatest success. Face it, something that is difficult to do or becomes a chore will eventually fall to the bottom, or completely off, of your list of things to do. Make the process as simple as possible by using feeds to handle your daily maintenance on multiple social networking platforms. Send out group messages but don't overlook the importance of the personal touch.

- Socialize. The biggest part of social networking is the social aspect of it. You must participate and be sociable if you want to enjoy the networks, joint ventures, and potential business partnerships, not to mention the added exposure that are often the goals of social networking. Business is important and most marketers are only participating in social networking in an effort to build business. However, if you are all business, or all work and no play, chit chat, or small talk you will have a hard time realizing the full potential benefits of social networking.

- Do it every day. The more often you participate in your social networking efforts the more natural they will become. There are plenty of affiliate marketers who are extremely shy, even hidden behind the anonymity of a computer screen. You must come out of your shell if you want to realize your maximum potential for profits in the future. Forcing yourself to get out there and participate in social networking is an excellent way to do that and build relationships and business partnerships that will make you even more profits in the future.

These social networking basics will help you build a productive and profit filled online business future. Your future as an Internet marketer will be much brighter if you put them to work for you today and use them to build a bigger and better social network.