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If you are a person who would simply like to keep track of the statistics of your blog for any purpose, you could avail yourself of the services of myriad blog tracking software options available to you. Bloggers love tracking software for different reasons. The main reason being that they would like to see what visitors do at their blog. This provides the bloggers with the satisfaction of having seen the effect or the impact of their work on the world. As a blogger, you can analyze a large number of parameters with the help of blog tracking software. Some of those are the number of visitors for your blog, comments posted by others, number of links placed to your blog etc. These statistics, in fact, give you a measure of the popularity of your blogs.

When it comes to finding one's perfect blog tracking software, one is spoilt for choice. You might well find yourself facing a tough time having to choose between the numerous options available to you. Some of the most popular options are Google's Measure Map, Intelliseek's BlogPulse, PubSub, Technorati etc.

According to Google, their product Measure Map, "allows you to know what influence you have on the world". Measure Map is basically a web application that allows users to collect the statistics of their blogs, analyze them and present the results in a user interface akin to the browser. The interface itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate and explore. Measure Map is a software tool specifically meant for blogs. It allows you to easily navigate to and present the vital parameters of your blog, trace the origin of the traffic to your blog, monitor user activities, and easily set it up in a very short time.

BlogPulse is another very popular blog tracking software from Intelliseek, that lets you do the same. In fact, it is so popular that, it became the first ever service to exceed 10 million blogs tracked. It also boasts of having the largest number of blogs tracked among all the tracking software. It recently crossed the 100 million mark. It allows you to track various trends in the blogging page. Some of its powerful features are blog search, set of tools with which you can track key issues, people, stories, news etc., the ability to provide a fun look at the real world, daily blog statistics etc.

PubSub offers features such as context-based filtering, matching and sorting of real time web-based content. It operates by storing the terms entered by users while performing searches and matching these terms against various blog posts, usenet posts, alerts etc.

Technorati is yet another tool that gives serious competition to giants such as Google and Yahoo in the field of blog tracking software. It is basically an open source software and works by matching various tags that authors place on their websites. Through this it can collate and categorize the data and present that to the user.

So in fact the number of choices available for tracking the statistics of your blog is virtually unlimited. The few that are discussed above are merely representative of the whole lot. Which software you want to use will really depend on the kind of statistical data that you are looking for. But be assured that whatever be the parameter you look for, you name it and the 'blog tracking software community' will have the right software choice for you.