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´╗┐What Targeted Traffic Is and How To Drive It To Your Website

If you've been interested in Internet marketing for a while then you have no doubt heard about how important it is to drive traffic to your site. But traffic alone won't bring in the profits. What you need is targeted traffic.

What is Targeted Traffic?

Targeted traffic refers to people who are already interested in what you are marketing. Consider this: Suppose you have a website that caters to some aspect of weddings. If only a small portion of your site visitors are interested in wedding topics then you have a small chance of generating revenue from those visitors. But what if the majority of your site visitors were interested in weddings? Then you would have a much greater chance of generating revenue from those visitors.

How to Target the Right Traffic

In order to bring targeted traffic to your website, you will need to market to the group you are trying to sell to. For instance, if your site caters to weddings, be sure and visit discussion forums that are about weddings. Place a link back to your site in your signature line and when other members of the forum, who are interested in weddings or they wouldn't be there, click on your link, you have driven targeted traffic to your website.

As you can see, the key to successful Internet marketing isn't simply to drive traffic to your site but you want site visitors who are interested in what you are promoting. So you need to look for places that people in your niche hang out online and market accordingly.

Building Your List

Since you are concentrating on getting the people who are actually interested in your niche to visit your site, don't pass up this opportunity to get their email addresses when they do visit. Offer your site visitors an incentive to provide their names and email addresses by offering them something too good to pass up. This could be a newsletter, an ecourse, an ebook, a special report or any number of things your site visitors would likely be interested in receiving, for free. This is not the time to charge; that will come later. First, you want to get their names and email addresses so you can build a list that you can market directly to via email. Then, instead of just having a massive email list, you'll have a list of people that you know are interested in your niche and will be much more likely to generate profits down the road.