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Viral Marketing

´╗┐Link Baiting and Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is sometimes referred to as link baiting and relates to masses of people or ideas. Viral marketing and link baiting also often conjures up a negative term in the reader's mind. In fact, the whole idea of link baiting is in no way negative at all. The premise on link baiting is that it is a marketing tool, often used to get people to click on a link to your site. To do this you must be creative in designing your site and make it interesting enough for visitors to want to click on the site. You can also use click ads as a way to get visitors to be active on your site, but link baiting is equally effective and fares well in the process of viral marketing efforts.

One of the most prolific ideas about link baiting is that anything that can be created on the web or online should be interesting enough and inspiring enough to entice people to link to it. Once it has done in this fashion and in getting any outside links and outside interest, the link bait has achieved its purpose and its goal. As link bait does lead to viral marketing, the efforts of the link bait material and viral marketing can cause a mildly wild frenzy and draw even more attention to a site in particular. Any online item that is used to draw traffic can also be used as link bait such as blogs, newsletters and ezines.

After the link bait has garnered sufficient traffic, the traffic on the site will increase and start attracting more visitors through Google's search engine and links. The next obvious step is then focused on even more of a traffic increase and even higher search engine rankings results. The entire premise of link baiting is to be as competitive if not more competitive with other online businesses. In order to remain competitive, you must remain knowledgeable on your topic and be at the cusp of web developments and changes on a constant basis. The competition is very high and there is always a substantial group of your competitors all vying for the top spot on a page of Google's search engine.

There are many forms and venues where link baiting can be located. Anywhere where the competition is and there is a fair amount of traffic to the site, link baiting is sure to be a hugely popular and in demand item as well as anything that is related to the idea of it, including viral marketing. You can find link baiting processes on most any form online with the most popular forms being news and humor. There are others but these two forms of link baiting can be very successful in viral marketing efforts and practices. People tend to gravitate exceptionally well towards anything that is news or humoristic in nature. This tends to bring in more traffic and more visibility to the online site.