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´╗┐Make Money from Ads and Transactions Using Virtual Real Estate

There are a couple of ways to make money from ads and transactions using virtual real estate. One of the ways is through flipping real estate. This was a new concept to me so I set out to do some research. It seems that many beginning real estate investors start out by flipping real estate to make money fast. But before you get started, there are some things you need to know. First, of course, you need to know what real estate flipping is. Real estate flipping is buying houses and then selling them quickly for a quick profit. You don't only have to do this with homes. You can do land or construction areas such as strip malls. Real estate investors buy some property, usually through bargains or auction, compile a contract and then sell that contract before taking the property title. They can do this with no money down because they find a seller under duress with a cheap property; they secure the sales contract and then immediately sell that contract to an experienced investor.

Many people think that real estate flipping is illegal. It is not illegal unless you commit mortgage fraud to make your money. Mortgage fraud happens when houses are resold to unqualified buyers and the prices are much higher than they should be. When the individuals foreclosed on the home, mortgage lenders ended up losing money because the home was not worth the inflated purchase price. To make money real estate flipping you need to know your market so you know the difference between a bad and a good deal, you also find a cheap property that is wanting to sell immediately, you want to prepare your financing so you can quickly close a deal, you want to make any necessary repairs on the property as soon as possible after the deal is closed, you want to make sure the buyer you are working with is qualified and you want to close the deal on time.

Another way to make money with real estate ads and transactions is with Weblo. This is a very popular website among real estate agents and investors. Weblo gives you the chance to earn money online for doing what you already do. There are 5 basic ways to make money with Weblo: Weblo Ad Network, Flipping Digital or Virtual Assets, Pass Go, Become a Mayor or Become a Governor. We will explain each function one by one.

Weblo Ad Network

You earn your money from the ads that are placed on your digital and virtual assets. How it works is that Weblo automatically places ad space on your virtual site. To place ads on your digital assets, you need to figure out your internet worth and claim that amount at Weblo. Then you can display ads and earn real money from those ads.

Flipping Digital and Virtual Assets

You get to keep all of the money that you earn from selling your assets. How cool is that? 100% of the money is yours to keep. You can buy assets and resell them for a higher profit or sell it all for 100% of the profit.

Pass Go

This reminds me of Monopoly but it is a bit different. When you pass Go, you earn money from you traffic. Traffic will earn you more money. After you collect hits (traffic) on any of your Weblo's sites, you earn real US money.

Become a Mayor

In this case what you need to do is buy a city. Mayors earn a 0.5% transaction fee applied to whatever transaction is done in their city. This adds up fast if you take into account people buy and sell assets constantly. Mayors also earn 1% of membership fees and 1.5% of initial purchase prices from those in his city.

Become a Governor

This requires you to purchase an entire state. But the kickbacks are much higher for a governor than a mayor. Governors earn a 0.25% transaction fee applied to each transaction made in their state. They also earn 10% of membership fees and 5% from initial purchases done in their state.