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Virtual Real Estate

´╗┐Making Real Money In A Virtual World

If you own a domain name, you might be sitting on a goldmine. You may like to know that a simple was sold for 2.5 million US dollars, was sold for 3 million US dollars, for 130 thousand US dollars, for 105 thousand US dollars, for 99 thousand US dollars and the list can go on and on.

It is not the various internet marketing tools or the latest strategies in search engines that brings you money online. The simple truth is, your domain name can get you a fortune beyond your imagination. It is common knowledge within domainers that thousands and thousands of domain names are traded for roughly 250 to 5000 US dollars every day. They are bought from someone else then resold for astonishing amounts on the domain aftermarket. Come to think of it, the cost of a domain is just simply the amount for which it was registered by the original owner which may be just about a few US dollars.

With this thought, making money with virtual real estate property means the markup is simply incredible. If you had known a couple of years back that domains would be such popular merchandise, you could have registered a few popular names in an instant and today your virtual property would have been worth billions.

There is one more thing you can do if you have current domain names and you don't want to sell or resell them yet. You can still brand your business with an ultra-catchy URL, you can generate free targeted and flow by traffic, you can earn profits by registering them for free parking services, redirect them to your current websites, build and profit from new earning websites, earn AdSense and other cost per action profits or redirect them to affiliate links for additional commissions. The possibilities are endless. You just have to learn the trade. Get advice from the gurus of domain names. You can easily find websites from search engines on how they have done it and then you can go ahead and build your own virtual empire.

Normally, you just choose extremely catchy, brandable, descriptive names in order to sell. For example, some of the available names you can buy are,, There are plenty of them that you can buy for a cheaper price and sell them to multiply your investment. Remember, the domain gold rush just started. You might even know some advertisers who know of "black hat" domain secrets and some other "underground" pathways to making your empire but there is nothing compared to honestly doing a business.

But then again, the virtual world is a different realm than that of reality. But do not assume that the laws are more lenient in the cyber world than in the physical world and no one can judge you. It is not anyone's wish to advocate on applying physical laws to virtual world but of course, one only looks to promote the total humanitarian good whether you are dealing in the physical world or the cyber world.