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´╗┐Different Kinds Of Websites

There are a lot of different kinds of websites. There are many people who know they want a website, but don't know to go for which type of a website. The answer to this would depend on the purpose of your website, your interests and also resources available to you.

Identity website

Some people want a website just because everybody else has one and they cannot afford to be left behind. In such a scenario, it's entirely justified to create a website with just your name, your firm's name (if it's for business purpose), and your contact details. You can also consider mentioning something about yourself (or your business). The key here is to at least put up something for someone who happens to be looking for you on the internet. But these kinds of sites can also frustrate your customers/friends as they find very little information on the website.

The Brochure Website

Brochure-style websites will have the same look as the type of material you would send out in a brochure to an interested customer, complete with pictures and technical details. You just give the product details and your contact details through this form of websites. There are things you just can't do with shopping carts and credit card processing, after all, especially when it comes to services. These kinds of websites are especially prevalent among businesses with service-oriented products.

The E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website works well when you're providing a service over the web, or if you're selling a small product that you can handle shipping for. In these times, e-commerce websites are very powerful and gaining popularity by the day. You can sell your product directly to the customer through the net, reducing the middleman commission charges.

The Informative Website

Content websites work by providing useful information and then putting ads around it. That's the whole business model in a nutshell-though simple but very effective. The more writing you can do (or get good quality work), the better it works for you. If you want, you can even leave off the ads and put up a small button asking people to donate to your site if they found your information helpful - people can be nicer than you'd expect.

Then there are other types of websites too-websites which offer free downloads or multimedia websites. But these generally require huge bandwidths. At the same time they also gain popularity very early.