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´╗┐Choosing Between Linux Web Hosting and Windows Web Hosting

One of the most difficult and often confusing tasks is to decide on the server platform to be utilized while considering the process of web hosting. There are various choices around you but the popular choices are Linux servers and Windows servers. You can find a whole lot of information on web hosting and the server platform to be chosen on the internet. Although in general, the server you utilize is not a matter of great concern, serious website owners prefer to opt for a hassle-free server for their website hosting needs.

Linux or Windows?

The Windows operating system is a popular and widely used Microsoft developed operating system. On the other hand, Linux is open source, which is freely accessible. This implies that it may be costly to implement and drive a Windows server. However, this is not a point of concern, unless you are going to set up a server for private usage. The price required to run a server will not directly affect the price of the web hosting service plan.

Most of the people believe that, they require a Windows web hosting plan as their computers run on Windows. However, this is a misconception. Web hosting transactions happen through file transfer protocols and control panels. Both Linux and Windows support the FTP mode of transfer.

The difference is that certain file transfer commands may vary slightly in both the applications. This is because the FTP design, in some cases, is designed keeping in mind a single operating system. In this case, the choice needs to be appropriate considering the design pattern of FTP to avoid possible errors.

Most of the website features drive well on both Linux and Windows server platforms such as the PHP, POP3 and MSSQL. If you want to develop a site with ASP, .NET, Access, MSSQL, FrontPage or some other MS proprietary tips then the ideal choice is a Windows package.

With Linux technologies, only limited support is accessible but it includes more features and is highly secure. The broad usage of the operating system makes Windows insecure. Both the server types are equivalent in security features, but you need to ensure the reliability of the hosting company to maintain the security.

In case of presentation, there is no large difference between the Linux and Windows servers. However, Linux performs at a faster rate as compared to Windows. Windows include all the features in a single package but Linux uses extended features. This is the main reason for Windows being slow in its performance.

To conclude, there is no need to waste your time in the search of different server types as both the advanced Linux and Windows servers offer user friendly and reliable service. What you do need to consider is the selection of a reliable website hosting service that can understand your requirements and implement the necessary features as required. Do consider the various factors involved as far as server type is concerned, if you intend to own a server for your website.