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´╗┐Shared vs. Managed Hosting - Which One Is Better?

There is a whole range in website hosting solutions now available for website owners to choose from. The ones that are prominent among them are shared and managed web hosting solutions. Companies that are particular about efficiency but also want cheap services generally use shared web hosting. It has the advantage of cheap costs, as the server is owned, but you are sharing the server with other people who have content and applications on the server. But, there are some disadvantages of the shared web hosting option as it does not provide for customized installations. But, the user can certainly add important features like a shopping catalogue or a shopping cart. It is also necessary that you take stock of the web hosting panel that is provided to you by the company.

In managed hosting, you have a single server that will manage all the applications. You have complete access to the server and have control over many applications like debugging, business processes and monitoring the strategic direction. The web host only has the responsibility of taking care of the operations. It comes with its own set of advantages like top notch physical infrastructure with access to high speed internet. Since it is completely customized to meet the customer's needs, it will have features like a larger bandwidth, storage space and memory. Moreover, security is accorded prime importance here and other individuals will not be able to hack into your system.

It will also allow smooth application of all the CPU-intensive tasks. This kind of a set up is suitable for all the webmasters who want to control their heavy traffic laden websites. But, they cannot exercise control to alter the configurations of the server. The amount of technical support that is available to you in this is completely unprecedented; therefore you have higher uptimes, which will ensure constant online presence. This is also an ideal option for all those companies who do not have a very skilled full time server administrators or IT technicians. They can definitely save on the cost of hiring one as well. The company is not capable of getting into all the technical aspects of their website and in running a server. It does come at a higher price but you get access to special features like website designing and continuous website monitoring and development.

Apart from the critical factors, there is also an added advantage of database administration with enhanced security. It is very easy to avail the services of such a package and all that needs to be done is to hire the experts, by conducting an online search or by looking through consumer forums. The expenses are reduced to just monthly payments and you are completely excused from taking care of your websites. You can also get the benefit of personalized services and quicker unwavering connections. It is up to you to choose the right kind of service provider for your company keeping in mind the scale of your business and the costs that you are able to bear.