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The World Wide Web today is the most popular source of information for people from all walks of life. The internet is also being used as a way of marketing and of selling products. Web hosting can provide you with a wide range of services to properly showcase your site on the net. A good web host makes sure that people are able to download pages easily through efficient and quick internet connections. Technically, the term web hosting means that you are storing your prepared web pages on the net, so that people can access them with ease. Although many people would want to host their own web pages on the net, there are issues associated with it like choosing the right kind of software and hardware. Most of the website owners make use of specialized companies that can help take care of these issues.

The quintessential purpose of a web host is to make sure that people are continuously able to log on to your website for getting valuable product information. The other kinds of services that it provides you with are: email capabilities, database and bandwidth capacities. Email capabilities make it easy for the users of your site to send and receive emails. The database strength of a web host makes sure how many web pages you are able to host exactly, it simply refers to the disk space available. The bandwidth is also another important factor because it decides how easily your website can be accessed. Most of the web hosts also provide you with dynamic content that can definitely take your website to new levels in terms of satisfying customer's demands and answering their queries. Many times customers even after visiting a website do not purchase the product, because of the boring content as it fails to reveal any product advantages. A website without any kind of an interactive content would simply find it quite difficult to attract traffic and stay on top of Google's page ranking system.

Next, in the line of discussion comes an important topic called web development. A major disadvantage with most of the website owners is that they are not competent enough to design a website themselves. That is why they have to make use of professional web development services. There are many steps that are involved in the web development process. These are requirement analysis, web design, implementation of the site and its testing and maintenance. Requirement analysis implies the determination of the content of the site according to the purpose to be served by it. The design determines how the various pages should be linked and the ways that they should be combined in the site; in a way the map of the website. Implementation involves incorporating the various codes in the site. Testing of the website is undertaken to ensure that it is easily able to carry out the purpose for which it was designed.

Last, but not the least, maintenance of the site is necessary to see whether the site has all the relevant content which is in sync with times and the other sites. Web hosting and web development are processes which make sure that the website is able to garner customers and make it worth the investment.