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Web 2.0

´╗┐Great Audience Access With Web 2.0

In its earliest form the internet was seen by many of its users as a one way relationship. Users browsed it using early dial up services and applications such as windsock to garner information on thousands of subjects and then use these titbits in whichever way they saw fit. I know I used it for my degree course sort of like a giant library that never closed. In this early form this, the web, is now called Web1.0

Most sites still push content one way. Out to visitors like a book without the essential two way conversation which is used by all successful companies both virtual and "real" to engage their users. These days, however, the billions of net users require technologies which enabled them to interact in a multitude of ways. These are called 2.0 technologies and allow all the applications we take for granted. Blogging, shopping, social networking, fan sites, film reviews sports results the list is endless. The 2.0 technologies describe the changing use and trends in World Wide Web technology and web design and all of the most successful companies rely heavily on them for aspects of their business especially video sharing sites and hosted services. Indeed with out these technologies many of the "heavy hitters" in the industry wouldn't even exist.

Businesses have grasped these new ideas and technologies and run with them. Any company wishing to do well in commerce in the millennium and beyond has to have a well designed easy to operate and engaging web site that allows online sales and feedback. Well organised sites help to build a much more vibrant, high value relationship with customers and suppliers. Service industries using 2.0 technologies can hold two way conversation which provide a "virtual" hands on experience and can get instant feedback and therefore react immediately if necessary.

The biggest companies have turned this type of communication and customer interaction in to a virtual art form and have seen their business grow enormously in the passed 5 to 10 years.

In these "credit crunch" times when established businesses are falling like cards the use of web 2.0 have never been more important. Applying these ideas and technologies have never been more important to new or established companies and can help them establish market leadership. 2.0 optimises the intrinsic strengths of the World Wide Web which worked well in 1.0 but work fabulously in 2.0.

Some people amongst them Tim Bernes Lee have questioned whether the term Web 2.0 is accurate as many of the technological components used in this new interactive world existed in the early days of the web.

Who may you ask is Tim Bernes Lee? He invented the internet so he is entitled to an opinion I guess. My opinion doesn't count but I love the new technologies and the possibilities they bring, after all where else would I do my Christmas shopping... outside?