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These days, you have more than one option if you want your own website. Not so long ago, if you wanted your own site but lacked the knowledge to build it yourself, the only choice was to hire a professional to create it. Luckily things have changed. Now anyone can use a free site builder that allows you to design a site using a "what you see is what you get" interface. This is similar to a word processor where you are able to see what your page will look like as you type. The site builder software offers pre-packaged templates from which to choose when you are ready to create your site and some of the programs will allow you to change some elements in the template.

An online web site builder usually provides a step by step wizard, or tutorial, that takes you through all of the necessary steps. You will begin by selecting a design and entering your website information. This site builder makes the process easy and it is generally very user friendly.

Due to the fact that you are building your website online, it will not be necessary for you to upload, or publish, your web page or images as a free site builder will write the files and information directly to your site builder server. The process of uploading an entire website can seem like an insurmountable task for anyone who lacks the knowledge, yet using a site builder is so easy, which is probably why they are so popular and have a tremendous amount of allure to novices.

Using an online site builder does have advantages, including the fact that it is always there regardless of when or where you are accessing the Internet; whereas an offline site builder must be installed from a disc or downloaded. You can easily work with one of these site builder programs from your office, at home or even when traveling.

More often than not an online website builder will back up all information on a daily basis, which means that all of your work is double protected against corruption or loss. A free site builder will generally use databases in which to store all website information instead of separate files on each page, which allows for more sorting options. Most people agree that site builder software is user friendly, easy to set-up, requires no prior experience or knowledge of programming and will save you money.