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´╗┐Using Templates For Website Building

If you're new to website building, then you may want to consider using a site template to get started. Finding a template takes a bit of searching and knowing your level of technical expertise.

Free Templates Offer Cookie-Cutter Sites

Many sites online offer free templates for website building projects. You simply check out the templates through a preview window and then download them. Most of these templates are written using CSS files and basic HTML. CSS files are like overall files that make the design of the page look the same on every page of the site without needing to make manual coding changes.

The downside to the free templates is that they are basic. They offer only a bit of difference in design. Most have a header file with a default picture and then have a side or top menu with a spot for body text. There is nothing wrong with beginner website building using these templates, however. If you are just beginning your site, using one of these templates can get you online faster than learning to custom-build a site.

Paid Templates Give More Variety

Should you find yourself unsatisfied with the quality of sites you can find for free, many web designers offer templates for a small fee. You still will need to do the bulk of your work yourself, but the sites have more variety of design forms. For website building with these templates, you will want to become familiar with the language used to write the site. Most paid templates will have notes within the code to clue you in on how to alter the template for your website building needs. The notes will let you know where images are embedded in the code, where you can put your text, and other interesting tidbits to help you out. If you use a paid template for website building, don't let yourself get frustrated. Just take a bit of time to learn how the template is put together before you get started.

Content Management Systems Are Easy to Use

One of the newer options available is a content management system, or CMS. Literally scores of CMS programs are available, and many of them are free. These programs are ready-made for you. Themes, or templates, are available through directories on many sites, and you can make choices about where you want new articles to post and how you want these articles to appear. You can change the images, fonts, and otherwise personalize your code.

A big bonus to these content management systems is that you can have other people sign into them. You can give writers or editors access to log in and make additions to the site. These people will not have design control to keep you in charge of the main site, but using one of these systems for content creation can take one step out of the process of website building for you.

Whatever template style you choose, know that you are not stuck with it forever. Try something out, and if it doesn't work, you can change it later as needed.